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Dear Sir or Madam,

As previously announced, there will be no charges for school collective restauration (canteen), extracurricular activities and school transport for the month of March 2020. Credit notes are now visible on your Eduka portal in the  "finances" section. Please find below various informations about your credit notes :

  • Scholarships : march 2020 scholarships will be reimbursed to AEFE,
  • Financial schedules : some adjustments will be carried over to the June monthly instalment,
  • End of school year departures : any remaining amount in your favour will be paid back to you, 
  • Corporate payers : companies in charge of payments will be informed,
  • Advances following credit balances : advances will be applied in the 3rd quarter of the school year 2019 - 2020. 

Moreover, due to actual health crisis situation, payments for all school services will have to be made by bank transfer. 

We thank you in advance for your understanding as well as for your collaboration.

Virginie SAKAI
Accountant Manager


French School closure : new statement  

Dear parents,

On March 19th, Japanese government panel of experts issuedrecommendations that did not rule out reopening of schools, after school holidays as planned, so that’s April 6th. Almost all international schools have already aligned the resumption of their courses with that date. However, in the same report, panel of experts raises concerns about a possible acceleration of the Covid-19 pandemic within the next three weeks, in large urban centers like Tokyo and Osaka, and calls for remaining vigilant.  In this regard, the governor of Tokyo, Yuriko KOIKE, announced, on the evening of March 25th, that the capital city reaches a critical point and asked its inhabitants to respect a certain number of recommendations, such as not going out, unless emergency, during the next weekend.

In this evolving situation, in accordance with the instructions of the local authorities and in agreement with the French Embassy in Tokyo, the French Consulate General in Kyoto, and the AEFE, it was decided not to reopen our schools of Tokyo and Kyoto before April 6th. This time extension will enable to keep a close eye on which direction the situation is evolving, and to determine how to implement measures recommended by Japanese Ministry of Education, MEXT, advised in the light of the panel of experts work. For your information, the MEXT recommendations mainly relate to: maximum ventilation of spaces, distancing space between teachers and students, learning and respect of barrier gestures by students (hand washing and distancing space, especially), and systematic taking of temperature by students and staff.

The situation will be closely monitored within the next few days. Obviously, we remain attentive to parents and students, especially to seek solutions to the problems that families could have.

Best regards,

Proviseur du LFI Tokyo


Dear parents,

As you know, the coronavirus health crisis is continuing, in Japan as elsewhere. Schools remain closed, as do all international schools. In the same spirit of responsibility which led to join the efforts made in Japan to contain the spread of Covid-19 and in agreement with the AEFE, the French Embassy in Japan and the French Consulate General in Kyoto, it appears preferable and safer to extend the closure of the school until Sunday, March 29th. Incidentally, this date has been chosen by almost all international schools, in Tokyo as in Kyoto. 

Educational continuity measures will be maintained during this period. The teachers, who contribute to this implementation, and the parents, whose personal involvement is essential in guiding the children, deserve the gratitude of the school community.   

Well aware of the difficulties that the suspension of courses creates for this whole community, starting with the students and the parents, I thank you for your understanding and reiterate to you the unfailing mobilization of the Lycée, for which we would like to thank all the staff, teachers and administrative staff, who continue to cope with this exceptional situation which affects us all. 

Any information on the development of the situation in Japan and its consequences on the reopening of the school on March 30 will be sent to you as soon as possible.



Proviseur du LFI Tokyo


Fermeture LFI Tokyo : communiqué de l’ambassade / 東京国際フランス学園休校について:フランス大使館発表 

By decision of the Prime Minister, Japanese authorities asked schools to anticipate the end of school holidays and to close their doors as of March 2nd. In a spirit of responsibility, and in consistency with efforts made by Japan to limit the spread of Covid-19, international and private schools have all enforced this measure, remaining closed for periods up to March 30th or until the start of the school year (around April 6th). Some universities, following this action, have already announced the adjournment of courses resumption. Regarding the Lycée français international of Tokyo, in agreement with the AEFE and the French Embassy in Japan, the decision was, in the first place, to close school for students until Sunday March 15th.

In the light of the situation development, and of the report awaited by Japanese authorities, for March 19th, regarding the effectiveness of the measures taken in the management of this health crisis, it was deemed necessary, in agreement with the AEFE and the French Embassy in Japan, to extend the school closure for students until Sunday, March 22th. The measures implemented to ensure educational continuity for your children will be extended during this period. Consequently, the reopening of the school is postponed to Monday, March 23rd, subject to subsequent evolution, and according to the instructions to be given by Japanese authorities. Any useful information in that regard will be sent to you when the time comes.

Aware of the inconvenience of this situation for students and their families, as well as for school staff, I thank you for your understanding. Rest assured that the Lycée is making every efforts to cope with this exceptional situation, in the best interests of the school community.


Proviseur du LFI Tokyo


Dear Sir or Madam,

LFI Tokyo is committed to implement educational continuity, with the help of the AEFE department of pedagogy and colleagues from other Lycées français of Asia.

  • In middle school and high school, next week student schedules will be lightened (Mrs. Doyhambehere sent details in a distinct email).  
  • In primary ("maternelle" and elementary school), teachers will provide educational contents and will suggest activities that will be completed by Monday, March 9th in the morning.

This implementation will start gradually from Monday, March 9th at 1pm.

According to the evolution of the situation, decision about reopening school or maintaining school-closure for students, will be taken by the end of next week. 

Whether at school or working from home, LFI Tokyo entire staff will maintain links with you and your child, as we all are on your side to move forward during this new and temporary situation. 

Best regards,

Proviseur du LFI Tokyo

Educational continuity & IT devices link, please click here.

Educational continuity & IT devices

During school-closure of the LFI-Tokyo, educational continuity will be implemented from "maternelle" to high school. Main tools that will be used are "Pronote" and Google Classroom in Middle and High School, and One and Seesaw in primary school. Teachers could also choose to use other specific tools if needed.

In order to make sure every student will be able to benefit from this implementation, we thank you in advance for filling out the following survey before Sunday, March 8th.

Survey link, please click here.

School-closure for students - communiqué #2

Dear Sir or Madam,

Please find below further information regarding the week of school-closure for LFI Tokyo students from March 9th to March 13th. 

Online education

The goal is to enable educational continuity, with various forms according to grades and subjects, using tools already known by students and teachers. First elements of this online education plan should be ready for the afternoon of Monday, March 9th, and should be developed within the following days. 

In Première and Terminale grades, mock exams (written and oral exams) are maintained. They will take place on the week of March 9th, with only a few adjustments to the original schedule. 


Parents-teachers meeting about school specific language courses, scheduled for Tuesday, March 10th, should be maintained. We're considering an online meeting format. Details about online tools that will be used to attend the meeting will be sent soon. 

Regarding school trips to Japan scheduled for primary school and for Troisième students in early April, decision about their confirmation or their cancellation will be taken before March 15th. 


Please request management team's help rather than teachers help for questions that you might have about school-closure before March 9th. 

Return from vacation

Families who've returned from exposed areas (China, including Hong-Kong and Macao, South Korea, Singapore, Lombardy and Veneto regions in Italy), are requested not to come to school during 14 days from their return to Japan, and are invited to inform primary and secondary school secrétariat starting from Monday, March 9th. With reservations, depending on the evolution of the situation, prevention measures should be implemented, such as they are described by the AEFE (on March 1st): 

"Within 14 days following the date of return, following preventive actions are recommended by French "Ministère des Solidarités et de la Santé :

  • watch your body temperature twice a day
  • watch for symptoms of respiratory inflammation (cough, breathing difficulties...)
  • use a facemask when you're in front of someone else and when you need to go out
  • wash your hands often or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer 
  • avoid any contact with pregnant women, people who suffer from chronic diseases, the elderly and any other people who have health problem
  • avoid going out with no essential purpose (meetings, restaurants, movies...)" 

We are currently in contact with French Embassy, the AEFE and parents association of the school throughout this crisis, and we will regularly communicate new information. Information is also posted on our website http://www.lfitokyo.org. A new section "Enseignement à distance"(online education) has been created on the homepage (column on the right).

We are aware of the difficulties created by this situation but please rest assured that LFI Tokyo teams will make every effort to maintain educational continuity for your children.

Best regards

Proviseur du LFI Tokyo

Next communiqué : Friday, March 6th 


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