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Pre-registration for new pupil


In order to help you in the pre-registration procedure, a document introducing our school and its programs is available below :

To download this presentation of the LFI Tokyo, please click here (in french only).

  • Pre-registration will open on Thursday, January 16, 2024 at noon,
  • Files will be examined according to the date of deposit. 

A waiting list will be created and will be used according to the number of places that become available. 

Responses will be sent by email. 

  • Date of submission between Tuesday, January 16 and Friday, February 23: response from Tuesday, March 19, 2024  
  • Deadline between Saturday, February 24 and Friday, March 29 : responses by Tuesday, April 23, 2024  
  • Filing date between Sunday, March 30 and Tuesday, April 30 : responses by Tuesday, May 1st, 2024  
  • Filing date after Wednesday, May 1st : responses given as they come in. 
  • Registrations for school transportation are made in the "school transportation" section starting Monday, May 13, 2024 at noon.

Assignment in language sections (primary and secondary) : 

  • Applications for assignment in the language sections will be made starting Friday, March 29, 2024.
  • A letter of motivation must be completed by the students for secondary and by the parents for primary on the EDUKA registration form by Friday, April 12, 2023 (primary school) and Thursday, April 18, 2024 (secondary school).
  • Applications for placement in the language sections can only be considered after admission to the school.

Answers will be given as of April 24, 2024 (primary school) and May 30, 2024 (Secondary School).


Please bring a copy in pdf or jpeg format (image) of the following items :

  • Student's photo (ID type)
  • Student's passport (mandatory)
  • Student's vaccination certificates (or health booklet) (required)
  • Exeat issued by the last school attended (must be provided before the student starts school)
  • School reports (previous year and current year) (mandatory) except for kindergarten entry
  • Medical certificate in case of allergy or asthma
  • EABEP - Student with special educational needs (PAI or other document)
  • Passport of the person in charge (mandatory)
  • Divorce decree (in case of divorce, with a letter of parental authorization)
  • Copy of the family record book or (birth certificate and marriage certificate). (required)
  • Pre-register online at
  • After approval by the committee, pay the first registration fee (non-refundable) (link to fees).
  • If these formalities are not completed within the allotted time, the enrollment proposal will be cancelled and the place will be offered to another family.
  • Families who have applied for a scholarship are not required to pay the first enrollment fee until the official notification of the outcome of their scholarship application. In order to take this situation into account, they must contact the accounting department during the pre-registration process.

A response (proposal, refusal, waiting list) will be sent to each family by email to the two email addresses provided in the online pre-registration in accordance with the date the file was sent and the projected schedule.

If you do not receive an email, please check your spam, otherwise send an email to the secretariat concerned.

  • French nationality,
  • Schooling in France or in an AEFE school,
  • Siblings enrolled at LFI Tokyo,
  • Kid enrolled at the nursery school : "Au Pays des Sakura",
  • Parent who is a former student of LFI Tokyo,
  • Parent staff of the school,
  • Contribution plan enterprise staff,
  • Date of receipt of the complete application.

The registration is validated only if the payment of the fees is made within three weeks. If these formalities are not completed within the time limit, the registration proposal is cancelled and the place is offered to another family.


Enrollment is not final until the student's file is complete.


Our website is secure, all you personal datas are stored on servers that are also secure.
The pre-registration software that we currently use : « Eduka », complies with security standards and best practices. Please note that this software is currently being certified to European GDPR standards. Documents stored on servers (passports, certificates etc...) are not stored as files. They are encoded directly in a « blob » field. They are stored encrypted in databases protected with a high level of security. 
Safety audits are regularly carried out. Éduka software is already used by many schools in 17 different countries. No problems or security holes have been reported to the AEFE since the launch of this software.
The documents stored on the servers (passports, certificates etc...) are not stored as a file, but are encoded directly in the database in a blob field.
Items are stored in encrypted form in databases, all data is protected with a high level of security.
Security audits are carried out regularly (the last one was carried out in 2018).
The Eduka software is already used by many schools in 17 different countries. No problems or security flaws have been reported to the AEFE since the launch of this software.