Dear parents,


On October 11th, 12th and 13th 2023, you are going to vote for your representatives for :

The LFI Tokyo parents’ association is the only candidate to be your representatives at these 2 councils (one list only).

You will find herewith the lists and the declaration of principles.

The elections will take place from Wednesday, October, 11th 2023 at 12 pm to Friday, October, 13th 2023 at 12 pm.

On Wednesday, October 11th, you will receive one e-mail for each ballot, sent to your name, in which you will find a link to   the online vote application site.

The e-mail is sent personally so the person mentioned in the message only can vote.

The ballot will end on Friday, October 13th at 12 pm.

This procedure will allow you to vote online and guarantees voting privacy : 

  • Anonymous and private data processing ;
  • Possibility to confirm receipt of the vote in case of dispute

Both parents vote once by ballot no matter the number of children enrolled at the LFI Tokyo (parents who have children at the primary school can vote for both ballots and will therefore receive two e-mails).



Anne-Laure CAMPELS

Proviseure du LFI Tokyo


For the last issue of the LFI Tokyo Annex newsletter, we will deal with the following topics. :

  • The reception of the keys of the Annex by Mr. BROCHET, Director of the AEFE,
  • As every month, you will find a photo gallery of the school's rehabilitation work (pictures were taken in May 2022).
  • Photos of the classes with the layout of the new school equipment,
  • The discovery of the Annex by our elementary school pupils,
  • Finally, our high school journalist students interviewed HIRAI San, Head of the construction site.

We wish you really good summer vacations, stay safe.


Every month, you will find some informations on the progress of the renovation of the LFI Tokyo’s Annex. This new building of the International French High School in Tokyo will welcome the students of the elementary school from the school year 2022 - 2023.


The lycée Français International de Tokyo will be on vacation from the evening of Friday, February 18, 2022 to Sunday, March 06, 2022. Classes will start on Monday morning, March 07, 2022.

We wish you a good vacation.


Every month, you will find some informations on the progress of the renovation of the LFI Tokyo’s Annex. This new building of the International French High School in Tokyo will welcome the students of the elementary school from the school year 2022 - 2023.


We are happy to welcome all LFI Tokyo students back to school on Monday January 31st, 2022.

You can download here, the updated school health protocol following the work of the "comité de suivi du protocole sanitaire" on Friday, January 28, 2022. This protocol is reinforced on various points, in particular EPS in secondary school, the canteen and the school transport. 

Moreover please be aware that our winter vacations "Centre aéré", will not be open this year.

We invite you to take note of the main new measures that have been put in place and that are requested from the families of LFI Tokyo, namely :

  • Make sure, by a test, that your child is not Covid-19 positive before returning to school on Monday.
  • Do not send your child to school if your child or a family member is symptomatic or if you are waiting for a family member to come back from testing.
  • Make sure your child has no temperature and no symptoms, even mild ones, that could suggest a Covid-19 infection (cough, sore throat, diarrhea, fever, fatigue, etc.) every morning before leaving for school. A child who presents one of these symptoms during the day will be isolated from his/her classmates and the infirmary will ask the parents to come and get him/her as soon as possible.

In addition, a daily temperature check of the students will be done each day upon arrival at the school.

We thank you for your confidence in this complex health situation, and we wish you an excellent weekend.

La Direction du LFI Tokyo


Dear Sir or Madam,

Following the request of the Kita-Ku health center, following the exchanges with the supervisory authorities and in view of the increasing number of corona virus positive cases and contact cases of pupils and staff of the school, I would like to inform the french community of Tokyo that all the school will switch to distance learning as of Friday, January 21st. They will return to the school on Monday, January 31st.

I am aware that this transition to distance learning is complex for families, even anxiety-provoking, and entails significant constraints, particularly in terms of family and professional organization, but it is necessary for all of us for the good of everyone.

We will send you today the principles and modalities of this new organization. Each teacher will specify to his classe, his pedagogical specificities. However, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that some teachers are currently on sick leave and actually, we are not in a position to ensure the totality of the replacements. We will study the possible modalities of catching up classes later.

Our « comité d’hygiène et de sécurité» will meet up next week in order to work on the sanitary conditions of the return to the school.

We will propose to every parents, a meeting, by videoconference, on Friday, January 21st. This meeting will start starting at 5:00 pm, we will be able to exchange directly with you and answer your questions and, we hope, to dispel any concerns.

To conclude, my thoughts are also with the parents and students who are currently ill or in isolation, and I send them my warmest thoughts and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

I have no doubt that the educational community of the school will overcome this ordeal with serenity and solidarity. Rest assured that, with all the school staff, we are doing everything possible to ensure that the students, whatever their educational needs, will be supported, and that the return to school on January 31st will be sustainable.

Best regards,

Anne-Laure CAMPELS


The lycée Français International de Tokyo will be on vacation from the evening of Friday, October 22, 2021 to Sunday, November 7, 2021. Classes will start on Monday morning, November 8, 2021.

We wish you a good vacation.

LETTRE DE CHANTIER – octobre 2021

Every month, you will find some informations on the progress of the renovation of the LFI Tokyo’s Annex. This new building of the International French High School in Tokyo will welcome the students of the elementary school from the school year 2022 - 2023.


Dear parents,

On October 13th, 14th and 15th 2021, you are going to vote for your representatives for :

  • Conseil d'établissement (school board) : all the parents are concerned,
  • Conseil d'école (primary school council) : only parents having children in kindergarten and the primary school are concerned.

The LFI Tokyo parents’ association is the only candidate to be your representatives at these 2 councils (one list only).

You will find herewith the lists and the declaration of principles.

The elections will take place from Wednesday, October, 13th 2021 at 12 pm to Friday, October, 15th 2021 at 12 pm.

On Wednesday, October 13th, you will receive one e-mail for each ballot, sent to your name, in which you will find a link to   the online vote application site.

The e-mail is sent personally so the person mentioned in the message only can vote.

The ballot will end on Friday, October 15th at 12 pm.

This procedure will allow you to vote online and guarantees voting privacy : 

  • Anonymous and private data processing ;
  • Possibility to confirm receipt of the vote in case of dispute

Both parents vote once by ballot no matter the number of children enrolled at the LFI Tokyo (parents who have children at the primary school can vote for both ballots and will therefore receive two e-mails).


Profession de foi : français - japonais - anglais



Every month, you will find some informations on the progress of the renovation of the LFI Tokyo’s Annex. This new building of the International French High School in Tokyo will welcome the students of the elementary school from the school year 2022 - 2023.



Dear Parents, 

Please find herewith, the english translation of the health protocole sent last Friday by our Headmaster, Mrs. CAMPELS updated after the meeting which took place on September 9th.


 The Executive team of the LFI Tokyo



Substitute English teacher for the secondary school at the Lycée Français International de Tokyo

The Lycée Français International de Tokyo seeks a substitute English teacher for the secondary school (18 hours a week) - from September 13, 2021 to October 8, 2021

To apply, please send a cover letter and CV with photo via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Candidates must demonstrate a track record of excellent professional practice, particularly on the following points :

  • participation in inter and intradepartmental projects,
  • experience with diversity of student learner profiles (differentiated teaching),
  • good knowledge of curriculum planning and development,
  • experience with special educational/special needs learners,
  • combatting stereotypes and prejudices of all kinds,
  • commitment to fostering student autonomy.

The ideal candidate is open-minded, curious, eager to collaborate with colleagues, to open his/her classroom, to discover new pedagogical practices, and to continue professional development.

S/he must have passion for teamwork and demonstrate an openness to French culture.

French language ability is highly desirable, but not required.

Important : please indicate on your CV the type of visa that allows you to work in Japan.



Dear Sir or Madame,


Designated headmaster of the Lycée Français International of Tokyo as of this school year, I will be pleased to welcome your children during the first days of school. 

Start of the school year will take place under strict health protocol conditions, due to the state of emergency.

As a reminder, in June the group in charge of monitoring the health protocol of the school had anticipated the health emergency situation, and a protocol was then set up. This protocol will therefore be implemented for the start of the school year. 

This protocol will be reassessed before September 12th.


Looking forward to meeting you,

Best regards,


Anne-Laure CAMPELS

File to download : 





Dear Parents,


This year is closed to its end. I hope your children are pleased with what they accomplished, despite the health restrictions and, for some of them, despite the quarantine time. LFI Tokyo was relieved of remaining in face-to-face mode, contrary to so many French lycées all around the world which had to practice on-line teaching. I really would like to thank you for supporting your children and supporting the school.

When back to school, the health protocol will depend on whether state of emergency is declared or not on August 30th. Two versions of this protocol were prepared and voted by the Conseil d’établissement. Let’s hope the vaccination campaign, in Japan as well as in France, will make the situation better.

A new headmaster will welcome you at that time: indeed after two years in Tokyo, I decided to go back to France. We are already working together and sharing information. She can count on the same valuable management team, and on committed staff.

I wish you and your children all the best for next years, and a pleasant summer !


Best regards,


Headmaster of the LFI Tokyo


PS : thank you in advance for your strict respect of quarantine if you travel abroad this summer. Except unexpected situations, face-to-face teaching will occur in September, therefore we hope all the students will be present and out of quarantine for the beginning of classes.





Please find here the English and the Japanese versions of the LFI Tokyo Health protocol.




Tuesday, March 23rd 2021


The group in charge of monitoring the health protocol wanted to adopt progressive relaxing measures, which will come into effect on Monday, March 29th.

The rest of the health protocol is unchanged (Japanese and English translations will be transmitted next week). New measures are shown in red.

Modifications adopted on March 23, 2021 :

  • In secondary school, resumption of the sport club activities ("association sportive") only outside and in the gymnasium, with an appropriate protocol (including disinfection of balls before / after use); sports events with other schools remain suspended for the moment. Adjusted judo and kickboxing can be played outside or in the gymnasium. The dojo remains inaccessible.
  • In primary school, sports sessions ("EPS") can include ball games again (disinfection of balls before / after use).
  • In primary school, the loan of books at the BCD is authorized again. 
  • Singing is allowed again outside, with mask and spacing between students.
  • For face-to-face meetings, the maximum is 6 members of the LFI Tokyo (staff only, not families), to which can now be added 6 people from outside of the LFI Tokyo. Videoconferencing remains offered in all cases.

Extracurricular activities are not resumed for the moment.

The group in charge of monitoring the health protocol will meet again in April.




After THE End of the state of emergency

Dear parents,

The Prime minister announced the end of state of emergency starting from next Monday. We will have a meeting next Tuesday about our sanitary measures, and you will receive information about it the following days. 

In the meantime, sanitary rules are unchanged for the beginning of next week. 

Best regards,




Ten years after the earthquake and tsunami that hit Eastern Japan on March 11th, 2011, on this day of anniversary, our thoughts go out to all those who, one way or another, have experienced and suffered these ordeals.

The LFI Tokyo was affected. This history is part of its identity, just like the risk prevention culture that we have to share and pass on, in a spirit of vigilance and solidarity.

In France, since last year, March 11th is a national day of tribute to the victims of terrorism, underlining the solidarity of the nation. The date was chosen in reference to the Madrid train bombings on March 11th, 2004, and, since 2005, it has been the European day of remembrance of victims of terrorism.

This double tribute is a mark of our attachment and our respect for Japanese society, and of our integration in the national and European community.

Best regards,



Health measures at LFI Tokyo

Following discussions that the group in charge of monitoring the health protocol had yesterday, here are the measures that will come into effect on Tuesday, January 12th at the LFI Tokyo, in compliance with the recommendations of the Japanese authorities, and in accordance with the French Embassy :

Full-time face-to-face classes are maintained, for all levels. The goal is to keep this opening as long as possible, by reducing activities that lead to interactions and increase the risk of contamination.

 Of course, barrier gestures are maintained. Taking students temperature each morning is requested with insistence: in case of fever (or any other symptom), it is requested not to come to class.

 The following activities are suspended until February 7th : 

  • work in small groups or in pairs, when students are close to each other
  • cooking activities (“maternelle”), singing 
  • sports activities with ball or racket games, mats, martial arts - whether it is in PE classes, matchs, clubs or in the sports club (AS), which is also suspended.

All extracurricular activities and extracurricular activities buses are suspended until February 7th (this Saturday morning, January 9th included). A refund of extracurricular activities will naturally be engaged before the end of the school year. “Garderie”, however, continues to operate, in priority to those with both parents working - those who can are invited not to leave their child at the “garderie”. 

Meals : students are encouraged to remove mask only when eating and drinking, and to keep it during the rest of the time of the meal ; they are also encouraged to reduce or avoid conversations when eating and drinking. Hand washing or disinfection before and after meals is requested. Table dividers have been reinstalled.

School trips are allowed only for outdoor and walking tours.

In secondary school, individual parent-teacher meetings scheduled for the end of January will take place online, via videoconference, according to terms that will be detailed shortly. 

Parents are still allowed to enter the school, wearing a mask and with prior hands disinfection, but, as much as possible, they are invited to preferably exchange by phone, videoconference or email.

Closure of the school and switch to distance courses would only be done on the instruction of the health center in the event of contaminations, or if schools were to be closed in Japan. Such a decision would be taken in close consultation with the embassy. We hope to avoid such a measure. Our goal is therefore to limit the risks of contamination while preserving the continuity of courses and learning activities as much as possible.

Thank you all, students and parents, for your cooperation and understanding, and once again take care of yourself. 

Headmaster of the international french school in Tokyo


Dear Sir or Madame,

The school year comes to an end, after four weeks of partial resumption in primary school and a symbolic return to school in secondary school. It comes to an end after 11 weeks of educational continuityimplementation that have deeply rattled our community. It comes to an end after the TREFLE tournament, which has been prepared for a year, was cancelled due to a typhoon, and after the cancellation of all the school trips and meetings that should have marked the second semester.

But the school year also ends after six months of normal operation, from September to March, during which students of all classes were able to learn, work, share, discover and understand the world and its issues. 

It comes to an end after an Olympic and Paralympic week, vividly carried by the primary school classes, after a "Nuit des Idées" during which secondary school students reflected on the world of tomorrow, after school clubs and cultural workshops in which each student were able to develop their artistic streak (drama or movie clubs, music, sports, etc.).

It ends after hours of classes, and school days where students continued to grow up and shape their personalities. 

It comes to an end after your unfailing commitment to your children, especially since March 9th, at the cost of tremendous efforts, andafter numerous and fruitful exchanges between you and your children's teachers, in order to support them as best as possible.

It comes to an end after an intense, demanding and constructive dialogue with your representatives, in bodies where the school policy is decided and where the management team reports its actions, and outside of these bodies in order to make this dialogue fully alive and to meet with current requirements. 

It ends after tensions, inevitable faced with a crisis that has shaken all our patterns and our points of reference, after the implementation of a financial aid from the school for all the families who now need it, a financial aid that will remain available after the start of the school year.

It ends with a request of transparency that responds to the management team wish to explain, to dialogue, to do what is possible to do in a constrained institutional framework and faced with a diversity of expectations often hard to reconcile.

It finally ends with the numerous tokens of confidence you gave to your children's teachers or the school staff, confirming our collective ability to face ordeals together.

Thank you for this trust, and for this energy you put into wanting the best for your children and for expecting the best from the school in its actions and answers.

Please rest assured that we are fully mobilized to prepare a start of the school year as successful as possible, depending on the circumstances that will prevail at the time.

We wish the best to those of you who will be leaving Japan for good.

Please receive our best wishes for restful and enjoyable holidays.

Best regards,

Headmaster of the international french school in Tokyo




Dear Sir or Madame,


The LFI Tokyo Board of Directors ("conseil d'administration"), held yesterday, Thursday June 4, passed several budgetary measures within the framework of the emergency plan implemented by the AEFE, in order to respond to many families requirements:

  • For all families, the 1.8% increase of tuition fees, passed in the budget plan for the start of 2020 school year, will not be implemented. Tuition fees will therefore remain unmodified compared to this school year.
  • For "Maternelle" students, tuition fees for the third term are reduced by 30%, either in the form of an advance for the next school year, or in the form of an exemption.

In addition, the school Solidarity Fund ("caisse de solidarité") remains mobilized to provide assistance to all families, regardless of their nationality, who may have suffered or who will experience a drop in their income in the weeks or months to come. Solidarity Fund will be held on June 24, and will meet again in September and throughout the next year. Requests can be sent to the accounts department.

Finally, the scholarship scheme can be requested again by French or Franco-Japanese families at the start of the school year, a second Consular Scholarship Council ("Conseil consulaire des bourses") being scheduled by the end of the year.

In doing so, the Board of Directors wishes to support families in difficulty because of the crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, in an approach in compliance with the AEFE network policy, and made possible by State support .

The Board of Directors also approved the principle of invoicing school meals ("demi-pension") in June (for those who wish to, it remains possible to unsubscribe), as well as transport , in proportion to the actual services.

Best regards,


Headmaster of the international french school in Tokyo



Dear Sir or Madame,

Responses have been numerous since the back-to-school questionnaire was sent on Friday, May 22. They contributed to consultation and to the evolution of the back-to-school plan. All the options were discussed with parents representatives and during the School Council (Conseil d’établissement) on Wednesday, and several were submitted to a vote (details of the results below).

The organization finally decided is the result of this process, which, for primary school, received unanimous approval from the School Council. However, this organization will fail to win unanimous support among you, as it is impossible to meet contradictory expectations. 

I am well aware of the limits of our responses and of what the LFI Tokyo can implement. You will find explanations of these possibilities and these limits below, even if they will not be enough to erase tiredness that you can feel after three months of distance educational continuity. 

But the LFI Tokyo remains part of the AEFE network, and it’s in this framework that it uses its room of maneuver. All our actions proceed from this reality. And all the energy of the management team, as well as the energy of the teachers and all the staff, is mobilized to support your children as well as possible and, soon, to welcome them, in an epidemic context that restrains our freedom and our missions.

In Maternelle :  

Longest possible attendance time in class has been decided

To allow each child to have a space respecting distancing, each class will be divided into three groups, which will mobilize teachers and Maternelle assistants full time. Each student will therefore attend school 1.5 days per week on average, according to an alternation which will be communicated to you over the next few days. Maintaining distance educational continuity will not be possible with this organization.  

In Elementary school :  

Longest possible attendance time in class has been decided

Classes will be divided into two groups, therefore each student will attend school 2 days a week and every other Wednesday morning. Teachers will attend school full-time, which will not allow distance educational continuity to be maintained. Teachers could give students homework for the rest of the week, but without online interaction.

Language courses, on the other hand, will be maintained in distance educational continuity, since they gather students from different classes. The schedule of these courses will be modified and will be communicated to you within the next few days. 

This explains why the end of classes is at 2:50 pm instead of 3:20 pm (because the usual schedule includes language courses).

Why not reschedule, so that school day ends later and starts later ? On the one hand, it would have exposed those who take public transportation to the strongest peaks of rush hour ; on the other hand, it seemed that maintaining the bus timetables to which you are used to in the morning since September would be a welcomed guarantee of stability in a landscape that was already too busy.   

In middle school and high school : 

It has been finally decided to maintain distance educational continuity, with no face-to-face lessons. However, to meet students' wish of reconnecting with each other and of meeting their teachers, a class time ("vie de classe") will be organized face-to-face twice in June, by half-class and respecting the principles of distancing.

Why this change compared to the proposal made on Friday, May 22 ? Because it was noted (and regretted) that the initial proposal would lead to a further decrease in the number of lesson hours for each student. The end of class schedule would also have led students to take the subway or train during rush hour. 

Teachers and parents representatives admitted that this educational continuity implementation, despite its limits and despite everyone's aspiration to resume a normal life, had found a balance and a rhythm which could justify maintaining it. Teachers added that in middle school and even more in senior high school, curriculums had been followed and were in the process of being completed.

Here are the votes of the School Council :

The protocol that will be communicated to you in the next few days, defining health and practical aspects of the resumption, was submitted to a vote for feedback : the opinion of the School Council is in favor (16 votes in favor, 1 vote not in favor, 1 abstention).  

Schedule will be as follows : 

  • In Maternelle, CP and CM2, students of the first group will be welcomed on Wednesday June 3 in the morning, students of the other group will be welcomed the next day.  
  • In CE1, CE2 and CM1, students of the first group will be welcomed on Friday June 5 in the morning, students of the other group will be welcomed on Monday June 8.  
  • Monday, June 1st and Tuesday, June 2nd, primary teachers will organize their classroom for welcoming their students. They will not be available online during this time, but they will give their students educational activities.  
  • Why not start school earlier ? Because the resumption can only be done after authorization from the French authorities (French Embassy, AEFE and Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs), following the opinion expressed by School Council this Wednesday, May 27 ; because this opinion could not be given before this long (but necessary) production process came to an end; because the buses groups could not be finalized before the adoption of this opinion ; because we wanted to avoid any rush, and to have time to give you all the information related to this new organization.    
  • In secondary school, schedules of the weeks of June for educational continuity will be available this weekend. 

Further information will be sent to you shortly.

Best regards,

Headmaster of the international french school in Tokyo


Dear Sir or Madame,


Here is a questionnaire regarding back to school for your child after LFI Tokyo reopening.

Thank you for sending your answers before Sunday, May 24th at midnight. 


Best regards,

Headmaster of the international french school in Tokyo




Dear parents,

« Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced on May 4, 2020 the extension of the nationwide state of emergency until May 31. He confirmed that the 13 big cities prefectures of the country are being kept under close monitoring. As you know, Tokyo and Kyoto are part of these prefectures. In a largely decentralized system, local authorities in Tokyo and Kyoto have announced that schools will remain closed until the end of the month, in order to better prepare for welcoming students in conditions that will have to follow the latest recommendations of the Japanese Ministry of Education (MEXT), in anticipation of a graded and partial resumption of school activities, including holding classes in smaller groups. 

Therefore, in agreement with the French Embassy, the Consulate General of France in Kyoto and after consultation with the AEFE, it was decided to comply with the schedule adopted by local authorities in Tokyo and Kyoto, according to terms which will take into account the particularities of the two schools. 

This period will enable the implementation, in collaboration with the entire school community and the social dialogue bodies of our schools, of an organization complying with health safety requirements in order to be able to welcome students in the best possible conditions. We know how much this extension of distance education is weighing on families, but rest assured that everything is being done to make it happen in the best possible way under the current circumstances.

We also know that some families are affected by the economic consequences of the health crisis. On the initiative of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the AEFE, the deadline for submitting scholarship applications, which families facing difficulty may need, has been extended. If necessary, please do not hesitate to contact the management team of your school to discuss the possibilities of taking your situation into account with them. » 

Best regards,

Headmaster of the international french school in Tokyo

Lettre aux familles : aides financières

Dear Sir or Madame,

During the last few weeks, letters have been sent to us regarding tuition fees. Rather than responding on a case-by-case basis, I think it would be useful, with this letter, to give everyone some answers.

LFI Tokyo has been closed to students since March 9th and, like almost all AEFE schools, it has been impacted by the effects of containment measures or school closures linked to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Health crisis that we are going through is exceptional in its gravity, its global dimension and its consequences on our societies and our economies.

Since the beginning of this crisis, LFI Tokyo swung into action, teachers are reinventing their teaching, and administrative and educational teams contribute to educational support and to the proper functioning of the school. Many of you have highlighted this collective effort, which, according to us, is the obvious expression of our commitment to you, in mutual trust. We are receptive to your feedback, whether they are positive or highlighting areas for improvement.

But we are aware of economic consequences that this crisis can have on many families. This is why a total exemption of “services annexes” has been announced for the whole period of closure for students.

Regarding French families in difficulty, AEFE is working with the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs to strengthen scholarships system, and thus to increase aid for schooling.

In this crisis, our school has to guarantee its current functioning, while continuing the implementation of educational continuity. It also has to continue its missions once the crisis will end, in particular by guaranteeing a quality educational offer, and by continuing its project for the future.

This is why tuition fees are important. Therefore, 3rd term billing will soon be sent to you, even if it will be postponed. Specific situations will be considered and payment facilities will be granted to families who ask for it to the accounts department (staggering, extension of payment period).

In addition, on April 6th, the School council (“Conseil d’établissement”) suggested that the Solidarity Fund (“caisse de solidarité”), which provides assistance to families for school trips, temporarily and exceptionally extend its field of action according to procedures that need to be defined with the “Conseil d’administration”.

We are all concerned to support you as best as we can in this difficult period. We are attentive to your feedback and we will continue to support your children in the current period, in order to welcome them back to LFI Tokyo when the time comes.

Thanking you for your attention and your trust,

Best regards,

Headmaster of the international french school in Tokyo


The management of LFI Tokyo, proposes to you to find here its newsletter intended for all the families of the educational community.

French School closure : new statement  

Dear parents,

During the last days, Covid-19 pandemic increased continuously and regularly in Japan, estimated by number of cases, in particular in Tokyo and in its surrounding prefectures, and in those of Osaka and Hyogo, which adjoin the prefecture of Kyoto. The experts panel, in its press conference of April 1st, divided Japan into 3 zones, Tokyo and Osaka being part of the most impacted zones. Several members of the experts panel asked for taking strong actions. As a consequence, Japanese Ministry of Education asked schools to reconsider their date of opening, in accordance with local situations. In Tokyo, authorities enjoined the 250 schools under its supervision to remain closed until May 6th, and they invited city halls of the district to give similar instructions to primary and secondary schools under their authority. Main universities of the country have postponed the start of their school year, implementing distance learning. The majority of private and international schools have postponed the date of resumption of their courses, and some of them have announced closure until the end of the school year. 

In this context, and in agreement with the AEFE, the French Embassy in Tokyo and the Consulate General in Kyoto, it’s not possible to resume classes on April 6th, without putting the entire school community at risk, starting by students. Therefore, it was decided not to reopen our schools in Tokyo and Kyoto before May 11th, after the spring break scheduled from April 25th to May 10th. Distance educational continuity will continue during this period, which allow continuance of the learning process within the framework of curriculum, and the organization of the end of the school year, in the light of the directives which will be given, and the evolution of the situation in Japan. Announcements are expected this week, from the French Minister of National Education, especially regarding exams (DNB and Baccalauréat). 

Priority goes to the health of students and of the staff of the two schools, and consequently of their relatives. We obviously continue to remain at the disposal of the entire school community to seek solutions to the difficulties that families or school staff would face.

Best regards, 

Headmaster of the international french school in Tokyo


Dear Sir or Madam,

As previously announced, there will be no charges for school collective restauration (canteen), extracurricular activities and school transport for the month of March 2020. Credit notes are now visible on your Eduka portal in the  "finances" section. Please find below various informations about your credit notes :

  • Scholarships : march 2020 scholarships will be reimbursed to AEFE,
  • Financial schedules : some adjustments will be carried over to the June monthly instalment,
  • End of school year departures : any remaining amount in your favour will be paid back to you, 
  • Corporate payers : companies in charge of payments will be informed,
  • Advances following credit balances : advances will be applied in the 3rd quarter of the school year 2019 - 2020. 

Moreover, due to actual health crisis situation, payments for all school services will have to be made by bank transfer. 

We thank you in advance for your understanding as well as for your collaboration.

Virginie SAKAI
Accountant Manager


French School closure : new statement  

Dear parents,

On March 19th, Japanese government panel of experts issuedrecommendations that did not rule out reopening of schools, after school holidays as planned, so that’s April 6th. Almost all international schools have already aligned the resumption of their courses with that date. However, in the same report, panel of experts raises concerns about a possible acceleration of the Covid-19 pandemic within the next three weeks, in large urban centers like Tokyo and Osaka, and calls for remaining vigilant.  In this regard, the governor of Tokyo, Yuriko KOIKE, announced, on the evening of March 25th, that the capital city reaches a critical point and asked its inhabitants to respect a certain number of recommendations, such as not going out, unless emergency, during the next weekend.

In this evolving situation, in accordance with the instructions of the local authorities and in agreement with the French Embassy in Tokyo, the French Consulate General in Kyoto, and the AEFE, it was decided not to reopen our schools of Tokyo and Kyoto before April 6th. This time extension will enable to keep a close eye on which direction the situation is evolving, and to determine how to implement measures recommended by Japanese Ministry of Education, MEXT, advised in the light of the panel of experts work. For your information, the MEXT recommendations mainly relate to: maximum ventilation of spaces, distancing space between teachers and students, learning and respect of barrier gestures by students (hand washing and distancing space, especially), and systematic taking of temperature by students and staff.

The situation will be closely monitored within the next few days. Obviously, we remain attentive to parents and students, especially to seek solutions to the problems that families could have.

Best regards,

Headmaster of the international french school in Tokyo


Dear parents,

As you know, the coronavirus health crisis is continuing, in Japan as elsewhere. Schools remain closed, as do all international schools. In the same spirit of responsibility which led to join the efforts made in Japan to contain the spread of Covid-19 and in agreement with the AEFE, the French Embassy in Japan and the French Consulate General in Kyoto, it appears preferable and safer to extend the closure of the school until Sunday, March 29th. Incidentally, this date has been chosen by almost all international schools, in Tokyo as in Kyoto. 

Educational continuity measures will be maintained during this period. The teachers, who contribute to this implementation, and the parents, whose personal involvement is essential in guiding the children, deserve the gratitude of the school community.   

Well aware of the difficulties that the suspension of courses creates for this whole community, starting with the students and the parents, I thank you for your understanding and reiterate to you the unfailing mobilization of the Lycée, for which we would like to thank all the staff, teachers and administrative staff, who continue to cope with this exceptional situation which affects us all. 

Any information on the development of the situation in Japan and its consequences on the reopening of the school on March 30 will be sent to you as soon as possible.



Headmaster of the international french school in Tokyo


Fermeture LFI Tokyo : communiqué de l’ambassade / 東京国際フランス学園休校について:フランス大使館発表 

By decision of the Prime Minister, Japanese authorities asked schools to anticipate the end of school holidays and to close their doors as of March 2nd. In a spirit of responsibility, and in consistency with efforts made by Japan to limit the spread of Covid-19, international and private schools have all enforced this measure, remaining closed for periods up to March 30th or until the start of the school year (around April 6th). Some universities, following this action, have already announced the adjournment of courses resumption. Regarding the Lycée français international of Tokyo, in agreement with the AEFE and the French Embassy in Japan, the decision was, in the first place, to close school for students until Sunday March 15th.

In the light of the situation development, and of the report awaited by Japanese authorities, for March 19th, regarding the effectiveness of the measures taken in the management of this health crisis, it was deemed necessary, in agreement with the AEFE and the French Embassy in Japan, to extend the school closure for students until Sunday, March 22th. The measures implemented to ensure educational continuity for your children will be extended during this period. Consequently, the reopening of the school is postponed to Monday, March 23rd, subject to subsequent evolution, and according to the instructions to be given by Japanese authorities. Any useful information in that regard will be sent to you when the time comes.

Aware of the inconvenience of this situation for students and their families, as well as for school staff, I thank you for your understanding. Rest assured that the Lycée is making every efforts to cope with this exceptional situation, in the best interests of the school community.


Headmaster of the international french school in Tokyo


Dear Sir or Madam,

LFI Tokyo is committed to implement educational continuity, with the help of the AEFE department of pedagogy and colleagues from other Lycées français of Asia.

  • In middle school and high school, next week student schedules will be lightened (Mrs. Doyhambehere sent details in a distinct email).  
  • In primary ("maternelle" and elementary school), teachers will provide educational contents and will suggest activities that will be completed by Monday, March 9th in the morning.

This implementation will start gradually from Monday, March 9th at 1pm.

According to the evolution of the situation, decision about reopening school or maintaining school-closure for students, will be taken by the end of next week. 

Whether at school or working from home, LFI Tokyo entire staff will maintain links with you and your child, as we all are on your side to move forward during this new and temporary situation. 

Best regards,

Headmaster of the international french school in Tokyo

Educational continuity & IT devices link, please click here.

Educational continuity & IT devices

During school-closure of the LFI-Tokyo, educational continuity will be implemented from "maternelle" to high school. Main tools that will be used are "Pronote" and Google Classroom in Middle and High School, and One and Seesaw in primary school. Teachers could also choose to use other specific tools if needed.

In order to make sure every student will be able to benefit from this implementation, we thank you in advance for filling out the following survey before Sunday, March 8th.

Survey link, please click here.

School-closure for students - communiqué #2

Dear Sir or Madam,

Please find below further information regarding the week of school-closure for LFI Tokyo students from March 9th to March 13th. 

Online education

The goal is to enable educational continuity, with various forms according to grades and subjects, using tools already known by students and teachers. First elements of this online education plan should be ready for the afternoon of Monday, March 9th, and should be developed within the following days. 

In Première and Terminale grades, mock exams (written and oral exams) are maintained. They will take place on the week of March 9th, with only a few adjustments to the original schedule. 


Parents-teachers meeting about school specific language courses, scheduled for Tuesday, March 10th, should be maintained. We're considering an online meeting format. Details about online tools that will be used to attend the meeting will be sent soon. 

Regarding school trips to Japan scheduled for primary school and for Troisième students in early April, decision about their confirmation or their cancellation will be taken before March 15th. 


Please request management team's help rather than teachers help for questions that you might have about school-closure before March 9th. 

Return from vacation

Families who've returned from exposed areas (China, including Hong-Kong and Macao, South Korea, Singapore, Lombardy and Veneto regions in Italy), are requested not to come to school during 14 days from their return to Japan, and are invited to inform primary and secondary school secrétariat starting from Monday, March 9th. With reservations, depending on the evolution of the situation, prevention measures should be implemented, such as they are described by the AEFE (on March 1st): 

"Within 14 days following the date of return, following preventive actions are recommended by French "Ministère des Solidarités et de la Santé :

  • watch your body temperature twice a day
  • watch for symptoms of respiratory inflammation (cough, breathing difficulties...)
  • use a facemask when you're in front of someone else and when you need to go out
  • wash your hands often or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer 
  • avoid any contact with pregnant women, people who suffer from chronic diseases, the elderly and any other people who have health problem
  • avoid going out with no essential purpose (meetings, restaurants, movies...)" 

We are currently in contact with French Embassy, the AEFE and parents association of the school throughout this crisis, and we will regularly communicate new information. Information is also posted on our website http://www.lfitokyo.org. A new section "Enseignement à distance"(online education) has been created on the homepage (column on the right).

We are aware of the difficulties created by this situation but please rest assured that LFI Tokyo teams will make every effort to maintain educational continuity for your children.

Best regards,

Proviseur du LFI Tokyo